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Exploring Careers in STEM

Haozhe S.

Haozhe S.

"With support from Careers in Science, Computation, and Innovation, I was able to pursue independent research projects that helped me decide if I wanted to become a researcher and what I would like to focus on.”

Our students use their education, skills, and experiences to secure employment across a wide range of fields and industries. Here’s a brief snapshot of some of the careers in science, computation, and innovation that our alumni have pursued:

  • Research chemist at a national research laboratory
  • Clinical development director at a biotech startup
  • System engineer at aerospace company
  • Scientist  at a major pharmaceutical company
  • Statistical analyst with professional sports team
  • Manager of hospital/surgical services at a medical organization
  • Consultant at a small boutique consulting firm
  • Analyst at an investment bank
  • Technical specialist at patent law firm
  • Senior consultant at a management and technology consulting firm
  • Data scientist at a policy organization

Applying for Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a Careers in Science, Computation, and Innovation adviser to review their resumes, cover letters, and other application materials.