Chicago Law and Public Policy Trek: Careers for the Greater Good

UChicago Careers in Law and UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service teamed up to offer a group of 17 students the opportunity to explore careers at the intersection of law and public policy. A divserse set of nonprofits hosted students to discuss the role of law in public policy reform, whether students should go to to law school if they're interested in a public interest career, and what types of education and experiences students should seek out to be a competitive applicant for opportunities in tehse fields. The trek helped students begin planning for careers in policy organizations, legal service providers, and investigative journalism, among other opportunities.

Employer Site Visit Hosts

  • Better Government Association
  • BPI Chicago
  • Chicago Jobs Council
  • University of Chicago Office for Equal Opportunity

While visiting all the different organizations, individuals talked about their histories and experiences before working at their current jobs, and most of them had rather circuitous paths.  These individuals did not have a specific idea of what they wanted to do, just a general idea about which field, and most talked about a number of jobs – not necessarily related to their current jobs – that ultimately led them to or preceded their current positions.  I really appreciated learning about the circuitous paths these successful individuals had because I am uncertain about what I want to do for a career after I graduate.  It was comforting to learn that it is possible to have/find a fulfilling career after not having a clear desired career after graduation. " -Jennifer Novo, AB '16