Futures in Law Investigated on UCIL Trek to New York

Eighteen students traveled to New York City as part of the inaugural UChicago Careers in Law (UCIL) trek. Students had the opportunity to tour several New York law schools as well as meet with firms throughout the city. Many of the students on the trek had already committed to a career in law and the trek helped these students see a clearer path toward their goals.

Schools visited and alumni hosts:

  • NYU School of Law | Alumni Hosts: Leo Gertner (AB’07) and Ian Dummitt (AB’12)
  • Columbia University Law School | Alumni Host: Bobby Bishop (AB’11)
  • Firms visited:
  • Lowenstein Sandler | Alumni Host: Amiad Kushner (AB’97)
  • Dickstein Shapiro Alumni host: Mikaela Whitman (AB’05)
  • Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn


I feel much more aware of my plan for law school due to the discussions that I had with the current law students about whether or not to go. I intend to apply next year to competitive law schools and employment positions.” - Kelly Frye (AB’15)