Students Network with Korean Employers on Seoul Trek

Career Advancement's third annual business trek to Seoul gave 20 students the opportunity to experience South Korea's dynamic economy. Students met with alumni and employers at seven different organizations representing a wide variety of industries. Site visit hosts discussed differences between Seoul and U.S. offices, work-life balance, and career growth opportunities.

Employer Site Visit Hosts

  • Cheil Worldwide
  • Doosan
  • MangoPlate
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Samsung D'light
  • SK Hynix
  • Standard Chartered Bank

The Business Trek to Seoul served as a fantastic opportunity to understand the city of Seoul as well as the larger culture in South Korea, and what steps one would have to take to work there. The trek also offered insights into a diverse set of companies under the umbrella of business, and catered to the similarly varied interests of the students participating on the trek. Lastly, partaking in the Seoul trek and meeting so many alumni, both at companies and learning about those who helped sponsor and support the trip, gave me a stronger sense of the power of the University of Chicago network of alumni, parents, and other affiliates, as well as the ways the University of Chicago maintains a presence in the lives of its students long after graduation." -Michelle Gan, AB '18