UChicago Law Scholars Program Connects Undergraduates with Law School Aspirations

By Dan Moore, AB’13

When Helen Tang, AB ’13, chose to attend the University of Chicago, its international reputation was a strong factor in her decision. 

Helen has found that UChicago has met her expectations and then some: “The University of Chicago is unique among peer institutions for its focus on not just research, but also teaching,” she said. “My four years as an undergraduate have been incredibly rewarding academically thanks to professors who are passionate about not just what they teach, but also how they teach.” Helen has always wanted to pursue a career in law, and having a top-ranked law school on campus which shared this commitment to teaching was also compelling. 

To prepare herself for the law school application process, she got involved in the UChicago Careers in Law program at Career Advancement. UCIL’s mentoring program allowed Helen to connect with current students at the University of Chicago Law School and see what life as a law student could be like. “The mentoring program was invaluable,” Helen said, “since my mentor could provide me with advice and guidance from the perspective of someone who had recently gone through the process of applying to law school, and who could tell me exactly what law school was like at the University of Chicago.”

With some help from Career Advancement practice interviewers, Helen has secured internships which have given her the opportunity to develop vital industry connections. During her time as a Congressional District Intern in her home district, Helen learned about the workings of government on both a national and local level. Through Career Advancement’s Jeff Metcalf Internship Program, she has also interned at the Chicago Mayor’s Office. Using the connections she developed at the Mayor’s Office, Helen found an internship at the City of Chicago Committee on Zoning the following summer. She researched relevant legal and legislative issues for the Committee, which not only allowed her to gain hands-on experience, but also helped her confirm that this was the field she wanted to pursue.

The University of Chicago Law School was Helen’s top choice as she began the law school admissions process. She was admitted through the Law Scholars Program, a special early admission opportunity at the Law School available only to UChicago undergraduates and alumni.  Helen will complete her legal education in the same rigorous environment she has come to call home during her undergraduate experience. She hopes to use her training to tackle complex, engaging problems in both the public and private sectors.

For more information about UChicago Careers in Law or the UChicago Law Scholars Program, please contact Bill Chamberlain, Program Director of UChicago Careers in Law, at wchamberlain@uchicago.edu.

UChicago Law Scholars Program Connects Undergraduates with Law School Aspirations