UChicago Students Explore Urban Planning in the Chicagoland Area

UChicago Careers in Public & Social Service (UCIPSS) took 12 undergraduates and one master’s candidate on a career trek to explore the field of urban planning. The trek, beginning in the heart of downtown Chicago, allowed the students to gain great insight into the opportunities and challenges found in the Urban Planning field. Students were given the opportunity to sit in on a conference in Chicago’s historic Marquette building where they had their questions answered and were introduced to resources that could help them launch their own careers in the field.

Companies visited and alumni hosts:

  • Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) | Alumni Host: Peter Skosey (AB’90)
  • Guided tour of Metropolitan Chicago’s architecture and land-use patterns.
  • The Lake County Board of Commissioners | Alumni Host: Eric Waggoner (AB'91)

I had heard the term “urban planning” thrown about a lot, but I was initially intimidated because I thought that I wouldn’t have the skills or background necessary to have a career in the field. The urban planning trek allowed me to clear up my misconceptions about the field and get a better idea of how I might actually pursue a career in that field." -Julianna St. Onge (AB’16)