UCIJAM Treks to Digitas, Zócalo Group, and Chicago Tribune

A group of eleven UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media students took advantage of spring break 2013 to explore several downtown Chicago offices to learn about the possible career paths within the communications and journalism fields. At the offices, students met with employees in various departments and gained access to insider information on the industry such as how to get into the business, what the job is like and how to prepare for a career while in still college.

Companies visited:

  • Digitas 
  • Zócalo Group
  • Chicago Tribune

The journalism trek was an opportunity to [meet] with both students interested in the same things I am and professionals who have made a career. Journalism can be a daunting field, but this trek showed me several ways that I can pursue my passion.” - Alexa Daugherty (AB’16)