UChicago Master's Programs

UChicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP)

UChicago UTEP is a five-year experience that includes a two-year master’s degree program:  Elementary and Middle Grades Pathways.  The two pathways meet Illinois's new licensure structure and standards for teaching:  (1) all core-subjects in self-contained elementary grades 1-6; and (2) specific core subjects in departmentalized middle grades 5-8.  The two-year masters of arts in teaching and licensure program is followed by three free years of post-graduation supports. 

Elementary and Middle School applicants enter UChicago UTEP with a wide variety of undergraduate majors and minors, with demonstrated success in the liberal arts. An undergraduate degree in education is not required. See more about the Elementary and Middle School prerequisites.

Interested in both the Elementary and Middle School Pathways? Proceed with completing one of the applications, note your desire to complete both programs with a supplemental statement attached to your application, then contact the Admissions Office at uteprecruit@uchicago.edu for more information.

Information sessions about UChicago UTEP are held on the University of Chicago campus during autumn quarter. Information about the next scheduled meetings is here.

International Students, at this time the University of Chicago does not issue student visa documents for this MAT program. The program may be able to accommodate permanent resident status. For more information, please contact the University's Office of International Affairs.

To apply to UTEP, begin by filling out the online application and submitting your ACT/SAT or TAP score. One of these exams must be completed by time of interview.

Joint BA/MA in Social Service Administration

The School of Social Service Administration (SSA) offers students an opportunity to begin their professional training in social work and social welfare administration and policy while still in the College. Qualified students who wish to pursue a joint MA degree at SSA should consult with the BA/MA adviser in the College and with the director of admissions at SSA as soon as their second year, but no later than early in their third year.

Applicants are expected to have a GPA of 3.25 or higher and to have completed all of their general education requirements. To be admitted to the joint program, students must have no more than two courses remaining in their undergraduate degree major by the end of their third year. Those two courses may be taken during the Autumn and Winter Quarters of the fourth year and may be counted toward the College major with the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the major.

BA/MA students take nine courses in their fourth College year: seven SSA Core courses and two electives. Students will also complete two field placements (an evaluated internship): one in the first year of joint residence (College year four) and one in the second year of joint residence. Because this constitutes a demanding curriculum, students are encouraged to complete their BA projects before beginning their graduate course work.

BA/MA students enter joint residence status during the three quarters prior to the anticipated date of College graduation, during which time they will be charged tuition at SSA’s graduate rates.

For more information, visit ssa.uchicago.edu/ab-am-program.

Professional Option: Public Policy Studies

The Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies offers a program to undergraduate students interested in early completion of an advanced professional degree. Students must submit applications to the Office of Admissions, Chicago Harris, in Autumn Quarter of their third year.

To be eligible, students must have completed 33 credits (of the 42 required for an undergraduate degree) by the end of their third year. Completed credit must include:

  • all 15 general education courses;
  • one-half of the requirements for a College major;
  • and one-half of the required number of electives.

At the end of their fourth year, having completed the first-year program of at least nine courses in the professional school, the student is awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Option: Public Policy Studies. Because students pursuing a professional option program do not complete the requirements for a College major, they are not eligible for departmental honors upon receiving their BA degree.

Before beginning the application process with Chicago Harris for this professional option program, students must meet with their AB/AM adviser in the College. Students should make this appointment early in their second year so that all College requirements can be met. For an appointment, call the College Advisers Reception Desk at 702.8615.