College New Venture Challenge

The College New Venture Challenge (CNVC) is the undergraduate focused competition track of the New Venture Challenge. Administered by the Career Advancement Office at the University of Chicago, the program is supported by alumni volunteers, donors and sponsors, as well as the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ChicagoBooth.

College New Venture Challenge:

Create a viable plan for a for-profit or non-profit startup enterprise that incorporates technology and has a positive financial or social impact. The finalist teams share up to $30,000 in prize money. Past winning teams have been featured in the New York Times and other media outlets, and alumni mentors provide guidance and support to these students to allow them to develop their ideas into viable business plans.

For more information, please visit the New Venture Challenge site.

If you are interested in supporting the competition as a judge, mentor, donor or sponsor please email your area of interest to Jerry Huang at

Meet the previous winners of the College New Venture Challenge:


Freenters, 2012-2013

Team Members

  • Rho Kook Song, AB’14
  • Hyesung Kim, AB’14
  • Paul Park, AB’13

CrowdCoin, 2011-2012

CrowdCoin, 2011-2012

Team Members:

  • Matthew Krisiloff, AB ’14
  • CJ Martino, AB ’12, Economics
  • Archith Murali, AB ’14, Political Science
  • Chelsey Rice-Davis AB ’13, English Language and Literature

The members of CrowdCoin intend to create a non-profit organization that will make it easier for people to give small charity donations. CrowdCoin will assemble a system that will allow consumers to make digital donations in the checkout line at stores by rounding up their final bill up by small increments of $0.25 or $1.00.

CrowdCoin plans to enter a variety of other entrepreneurial contests which could earn them more than $20,000 in seed money in addition to their $10,000 prize from the College to start their enterprise.

Entom Foods, 2010-2011

Entom Foods, 2010-2011

Team Members:

  • Irvin Ho, AB ’13, Mathematics
  • Matthew Krisiloff, AB ’14
  • Chelsey Rice-Davis, AB ’13
  • Tommy Wu, AB ’13, Economics
  • Ben C Yu, AB ’13, Economics

The Entom Foods Project proposed a for-profit business that would sell insect meat as an alternative, sustainable food source. Contemporary meat consumption patterns are environmentally costly. Currently, livestock production accounts for 70% of commercial agricultural land and generates nearly one fifth of the world’s greenhouse gasses. Due to the growing population of developing countries, which results in a higher global demand for meat, current agricultural patterns are unsustainable.

To combat the “ick” factor blocking insect consumption in the western world, Entom Foods is working on applying modern food-processing technology towards insects in order to extract the “meat” present inside of them. This meat can then be served in a manner akin to how small shrimp are presented, or reprocessed in a variety of ways, such as “insect nuggets” or baking flours.