Host Treks

Our students. Your Campus.

Treks are a unique recruiting tool designed to connect employers directly with students. Throughout the academic year, Career Advancement’s trek program sends groups of 10-20 students to cities throughout the United States and around the world to visit top employers in the area. Participating organizations host students on-site for a one to two hour visit. The specific agenda is at the employer’s discretion, but some common site visit activities include discussion panels with current staff members, presentations on professional opportunities available at the organization, and time for answering student questions.

Employer Benefits

Treks are an efficient, low-commitment way for employers to:

  • Connect with a pool of talented, high-achieving students
  • Build their organization’s brand among UChicago students
  • Promote internship and full-time job opportunities
  • Mentor young professionals interested in their career field

To learn more about the trek program and how employers can get involved, please contact Erwin Paderanga at