College Summer Research Fellows Fund

College Summer Research Fellows Fund

Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor, the College Summer Research Fellows Fund provides grants to support summer research opportunities for undergraduate students who plan to pursue a doctoral degree in a liberal arts or science field.


Second- and third-year students of all majors with a strong interest in pursuing a Ph.D program in the liberal arts or sciences may apply. The program regrettably cannot fund opportunities for students pursuing technical or professional doctoral programs (e.g., JD or MD).

Students may request funding for summer research assistantship positions with faculty or their own independent summer project. Even if they are pursuing an independent project, however, all candidates must secure a UChicago faculty mentor to support and guide them throughout the summer and provide feedback on their project. The project should require approximately 400 hours of work over the entire summer. Both domestic and international projects are eligible.

*Important note: students must be activated for on-campus recruiting in order to apply. To get activated, make an appointment to have your resume reviewed by a Career Advancement adviser and sign the on-campus recruiting policy agreement. If you are seeing the error message “Additional special criteria have been set by your career center. Please contact them for more information” when you view the program listing on UChicago Handshake, then you have not yet been activated.

Award Amount

Successful applicants will receive a grant of $4,000 for the summer.

Application Deadlines

Friday, February 22, 2019 at 11:55pm. Please submit your application through UChicago Handshake

Application Guide

The following materials are required:

1.      A curriculum vitae

2.      A description of your proposed research project, no longer than two pages

3.      A personal statement explaining how this research supports your future career goals, no longer than one page

Curriculum Vitae

Your curriculum vitae (CV) should provide a comprehensive summary of your academic experiences, training, and interests. For a detailed overview on how to prepare an effective CV, visit Career Advancement’s Resume & Interview toolkit or make an appointment to have it reviewed by a Career Advancement adviser. Students are also strongly encouraged to have their CV reviewed by faculty members in their field of interest.

Research Project Description

In your project description, please provide a concise summary of the research you’ll be working on. Be sure to:

  • Identify the faculty member that has agreed to work with you
  • Provide an overview of the research project and its goals using language that is accessible to a reader who is not familiar with your discipline
  • Explain what specific research tasks you’ll be performing throughout the summer

Personal Statement

You will use your personal statement to explain why you want to participate in this project and how it will advance your career goals. In your statement, you should discuss what type of graduate program you intend to apply to and how this experience will prepare you to succeed in graduate school and beyond. Some additional topics you can incorporate into your statement include:

  • Relevant knowledge and skills that you will gain
  • Publication opportunities
  • How this project can help you clarify your academic and professional interests
  • Opportunities to present your research or attend conferences