Practice Interview Program

UChicago Career Advancement supports your preparation for success whether interviewing for an internship, a post-graduation job, or admission to graduate or professional school! College students have access to in-person mock interviews available by appointment and 24-hour web-based practice interviews available through Big Interview.  

Download the Career Advancement practice interviewing handout for a list of services and policies.

In-Person Practice Interviews

The Practice Interview Program provides in-person general behavioral and industry-specific mock interviews for undergraduate students who seek interview preparation for internships, full-time positions, and selective program enrollment. Designed to feel like a real interview, Practice Interviews are scheduled for 1 hour and will be conducted by trained graduate students with professional industry experience, who will assess the effectiveness of responses and provide valuable and objective feedback on interview skills and making a good impression.

Please Note:

  • Practice interview slots are in high demand and may be limited during busy recruiting seasons. Practice interview availability start at Week 2 of each quarter. No availability during breaks and summer quarters.
  • Career Advancement does not grant same-day appointments.
  • Students can only book during the CURRENT WEEK and at least 24 hours in advance (e.g., Students cannot call at 4:55pm to book for 9am slot next morning).
  • Practice interview availability can change from week to week. Students should call on Fridays to check for availability the following week. (e.g., Students can call on a Friday to book for Monday).

INTERVIEW INDUSTRIES : Case Consulting, Education, Financial Services, General Behavioral, General Business, Government/Public Policy, Healthcare, Investment Banking, Legal/Law, Management/Operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Non-Profits, Research, Social and Public Services. (**Industries may change per quarter. Please call the front desk to check**)

How to Schedule a Practice Interview with Career Advancement:

  1. Call the Career Advancement Front Desk at (773) 702-7040 or stop by in-person (M-F, 9am-5pm) to check for availability. Practice Interview appointments cannot be scheduled through UChicago Handshake at this time.
  2. Indicate the type of practice interview you are seeking and provide your availability.
  3. Once you have secured an appointment date and time, provide the following information: your name, UChicago email and phone number, and your year in school
  4. Email your Practice Interviewer the following materials at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. You will receive your interviewer's e-mail address when you schedule your appointment:
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Job description

Late Cancellation and NO Show Policy

Late cancellations (a cancellation under 24 hours) or NO SHOWS will result in Deactivation from Handshake. If you need to cancel, please follow both steps below before 24 hours of your appointment:

  1. Email the Practice Interviewer; AND
  2. Call the front desk at 773-702-7040

How to Prepare for a Practice Interview

Students should treat the practice interview like a real interview and can download the Resume and Interview Toolkit from the Resources tab in Handshake. Students should dress professionally and arrive at least 15 minutes early. All practice interviews are held in Ida Noyes Hall and students should check-in at the Career Advancement Front Desk on 2nd floor lobby.