Start Your Path to

Career Success


2 Informational

  • An informational interview is a conversation where you learn more about a career field or organization that interests you from a professional who works in that area.
  • These conversations will make you a better candidate for jobs and internships, but don't ask for a job directly!
  • This summer, find 2 people who have exciting careers and talk to them about how they got to where they are today.


Updating Your Resume

  • A resume is a snapshot of all the valuable education, experiences, and skills you have.
  • An up-to-date resume is one of your best career tools. Your career adviser will walk you through a resume workshop during O-Week!
  • This summer, begin updating your resume for college. Check out Career Advancement’s resume guide for tips and sample resumes.


3 industries
that interest you

  • What is your passion? Where do you want to be? What are you looking for out of a career?
  • It's ok if you don't know the answers to these questions! The important thing is to start exploring.
  • This summer, think about your interests and try to find 3 career fields you could see yourself pursuing.


UChicago Career

  • Through UChicago Career Advancement, you have access to personalized advising, industry exploration programs, and more than 2,500 internships and other hands-on experiences!
  • During Orientation Week, you'll have the opportunity to meet your career adviser and receive a detailed guide to UChicago career resources.
  • This summer, visit the Career Advancement website to start learning about internships, career advising, and more!


2 of your contacts to serve as references

  • A reference is someone in your life who can speak with potential employers about your strengths and accomplishments.
  • Anyone who has worked closely with you and can speak about your work in detail would be a great reference! Some possible examples include supervisors, coaches, and teachers.
  • This summer, identify 2 people that you could ask to serve as a reference for you.


Career-Related goals for
your first year at UChicago

  • At UChicago, your career journey starts the moment you arrive on campus!
  • Creating a plan for your first year will help you take maximum advantage of all the resources and opportunities on campus.
  • This summer, think about the experiences you want to have and what skills you want to develop during your first year.


Your UChicago Handshake Profile

  • UChicago Handshake is your online database for jobs, internships, research, career events, and other opportunities.
  • You can use UChicago Handshake to schedule advising appointments, apply for internships, and store your resume and cover letters.
  • This summer, log into UChicago Handshake to create your profile, explore upcoming career opportunities, and search for student employment positions!