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Lawrence A. Kimpton Fellows Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are required to apply to the Kimpton Fellows Program?

More than just a selection tool, our application serves as a way for us to get to know the goals, interests, and skills of accepted Fellows. As a result, the only required material in addition to the Kimpton Fellows Program application is a resume, which applicants can attach to their application when they apply.

How do Fellows apply to fellowship opportunities?

All Kimpton Fellowship opportunities will be posted in UChicago Handshake. Accepted Fellows are welcome to apply to any fellowships that interest them. All accepted Fellows will be required to submit a resume and cover letter for each fellowship to which they apply. Additional application materials may be required; applicants should read the job descriptions carefully.

How does the hiring process work?

Once fellowship applications are complete, candidates for each fellowship are forwarded to the appropriate organization, and the organization reviews applications and works directly with candidates on next steps in the interview and hiring process. Once the list of candidates is finalized, the organization conducts its own interview and hiring process. This process continues throughout the spring and summer.

When do fellowships begin?

Though exact start dates are determined by employers and Fellows during the hiring process, fellowships typically begin between June and September following graduation.

What happens when the fellowship ends?

The Kimpton Fellows Program is versatile and can serve a wide range of goals, timelines, and needs. In the past, over 60% of Fellows have remained with their employers beyond their fellowship year, but the program is also a great opportunity for students interested in shorter-term substantive experience.