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Maroon MBA Scholars Program

Start Your Path to an MBA Immediately After Graduation!

The Maroon MBA Scholars Program provides a direct path to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree after you graduate from the College. The program prepares you for success with coursework at the world-class Chicago Booth School of Business, specialized career support, and substantive work experience.

A New Innovtion with an Historic Legacy

The Maroon MBA Scholars is only the latest example of how Chicago Booth and the College are collaborating to support students’ success. The program builds on a long and historic partnership to provide top-tier academic and career education for UChicago students:

  • 1898: The University establishes the College of Commerce and Politics, Chicago Booth’s earliest predecessor division that initially served undergraduates exclusively.
  • 1935: The division – now known as the School of Business – begins offering a Master of Business Administration degree.
  • 1950: The School of Business pivots to serving graduate students and rebrands as the Graduate School of Business (GSB) in 1959.
  • 1960s: The College and the GSB roll out a new “Professional Option in Business” joint degree program, which allowed College students to receive both a BA and MBA degree in five years of study. The program ran through the early 1990s, and its graduates included distinguished business leaders such as Byron Trott (AB’81, MBA’82, University Trustee), Brady Dougan (AB’81, MBA’82, University Trustee), and Joseph Mansueto (AB’78, MBA’80).
  • 1989: The GSB pilots the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) seminar, which the faculty makes a permanent part of the curriculum in 1991.
  • 2002: The University launches the GSB Scholars Program (now known as the Booth Scholars Program), which gives students the opportunity to apply for UChicago’s full-time MBA program during their final year of college, secure their spot in the program, and then defer enrollment for several years while they seek work experience.
  • 2006: Byron Trott conceptualizes and makes a gift to create “Chicago Careers in Business,” a pre-professional program that prepares College students for career success with a three-year curriculum that includes expert career advising, a customized version of the LEAD seminar, and MBA-level coursework. The program was renamed the “Trott Business Program” in 2016 in recognition of a $10 million gift from Byron and Tina Trott.
  • 2008: David G. Booth (MBA’71 and University Trustee), co-founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors, makes a $300 million gift to the GSB, which is renamed the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  • 2020: Chicago Booth develops the Maroon MBA Scholars Program and the Accelerated Booth Scholars Program to help College students put their career on the fast track.