UChicago Careers in Journalism is a non-selective program dedicated to serving those interested in journalism as a profession and also those interested in it as an extracurricular experience. Journalism focuses on what is new and what is different in the world. It involves every subject—politics, policy, science, culture, art, travel, and food. In our globalized, information-hungry world, accurate and timely information has never been more important. It may be conveyed through newspapers, magazines, television, radio or the Internet. It’s all journalism.

“Students shouldn’t have to choose between a great education—being taught how to think—and getting that practical experience during the undergraduate careers. I think that both can be accomplished and the UChicago Careers in Journalism Program makes that happen.”


Crystal Carlson, AB’06
Currently working in the documentary field

UChicago Careers in Journalism is open to all students and alumni of the College.