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UChicago Careers In

UChicago Careers In (UCI)

Welcome to UChicago Careers In

As one of the top research Universities in the world, the University of Chicago offers unparalleled academic resources, rigorous curriculum, and a community of scholars that extends far beyond the bounds of our campus. 

Career Advancement partners with the College to offer unique pre-professional programs providing resources and professional opportunities to students interested in businesseducation professionsentrepreneurshiphealth professionsjournalism, arts & medialawpublic policy and service, and science, technology, engineering & math.

Through these programs, students receive personalized career counseling from an adviser with extensive experience in their field, participate in skill-building workshops, and network with successful professionals and potential employers. Students can also apply for industry-specific jobs and internships as well as grants to fund research and mentorship opportunities.

The UChicago Careers In programs are not possible without the support of alumni, parents, employers and the rest of the UChicago community.  If you are interested in getting involved or supporting these programs, please contact Scott Metcalf, Senior Associate Program Director, at smetcalf@uchicago.edu.

To learn more about what each program offers, visit their individual pages!