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Education Professions

Careers in Education Professions Selective Cohort: Ed Pros

Have you ever found yourself contemplating one of these thoughts:

  • I want to make a difference by serving others and solving complex issues but I’m not sure how.
  • I enjoy tutoring, teaching, and/or working with kids, but don’t know how to translate this into a full-time career.
  • I want to influence education on a large scale, but I don’t know if teaching is right for me.

If so, you may want to explore the Careers in Education Professions program, Ed Pros, which prepares 2nd – 4th year students for careers in the diverse and fast-changing education sector. Launched in 2012, the program seeks to continue the University's legacy as a "teacher of teachers" and support students who are considering careers in education. Each spring, the program invites and selects a cohort of students to engage in specialized preparation to pursue one of many pathways. They include: careers in education policy, research, teaching, and various roles in education technology, non-profit management, and corporate settings.

Selective Cohort Application

The Careers in Education Professions selective program called EdPros, accepts applications from prospective candidates during the spring quarter of their 1st Year. Applications for this three-year program are reviewed and selections are announced before the start of the fall quarter. New cohort members are welcomed to the Careers in Education Professions community in the Fall of their 2nd Year and do not need to reapply to remain members in future years.

Application materials and requirements are announced via Handshake at the start of the spring quarter. Successful candidates demonstrate their willingness to explore the education space.

 EdPros benefits include:

  • Dedicated Advising for Internships and Career Planning
  • Support with Internship/ Full-time Application Materials; Letters of Recommendation/References
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Grad and Post-Grad Prep
  • Treks/ Conferences
  • Speaker Events/ Quarterly Meetings/Community Dinners
  • Build Community with fellow EdPros Members at UChicago, Amherst, and Grinnell

If you are not a 1st year student but are interested in learning about the program and possibly committing to it, please contact Liz Schutz at to discuss your interests.

Lead by Learning (LxL) – An Ed Pros Introductory Program

Lead by Learning (LxL) is a non-selective track with an emphasis on first-year students, but open to all students, that serves as an onboarding ramp for students interested in making an impact in the education profession as future Ed Pros members.

LxL is an inclusive community that introduces new students to the variety of educational resources and departments on campus as well as an inside look into the rich history of education in Chicago and key players in Chicago’s education exoskeleton. LxL will also provide tailored support to students through a combination of individualized student advising, small group career exploration community gatherings, professional development opportunities, and invitations to select Ed Pros specific programming.

Students who complete 2 advising sessions and attend a minimum of 2 LxL events during the fall and winter quarter, will be eligible for fast-track admission to the selective Ed Pros cohort during the spring quarter application cycle. For more information on how to get involved with LxL, please reach out to Liz Schutz at    

If you are a student or alum looking for resources and opportunities for building a career in education, please visit the Additional Resources page. Resources include listings and links to:

  • Teacher placement and residency programs
  • Policy, research, administration, and consulting organizations
  • Education related University partners including: registered student organizations (RSOs), the Neighborhood Schools Program (NSP), the Committee on Education, and the Urban Education Institute (UEI).
  • Graduate schools, scholarships, and other general resources.