Trott Business Program

UChicago’s business career programs build on the world-class UChicago liberal arts foundation to give students who are interested in business a competitive edge in their professional development. While activities and requirements differ by program, key tenets of each experience are to engage with like-minded students to build business and industry knowledge, strengthen professional skills, and enhance recruiting strategies to support internship and full-time recruiting goals.  Students engaging in these programs are interested in careers in a wide range of businesses including (but not limited to) investment banking, investment management, consulting, private equity, retail, marketing, advertising and sales & trading.

This multi-faceted approach provides comprehensive business programming through three main opportunities: the Trott Business Program, the Financial Markets Program, and Business Career Services.

The Trott Business Program offers:

  • Selective admission to a three-year program focusing on broad preparation for the business world and a comprehensive education in crucial business skills such as interviewing, financial market literacy and corporate life.
  • Partnership with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, among the top business schools in the world.
  • Recruiting support from a dedicated, industry-experienced advising team.

Additional Program Components

  • Specific groupings to promote team collaboration
  • Industry exploration and skill-building workshops
  • One-on-one career and recruitment advising from industry experts
  • Courses at Chicago Booth
  • Employer site visits and career treks
  • Distinguished speaker events and business ethics series
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • On-campus and global networking and recruiting events

Partnership with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

UChicago undergraduates have access to courses at the world-renowned Chicago Booth School of Business. Trott Business Program students gain access to Chicago Booth in several ways:

Courses: All students in the program complete two business classes at Chicago Booth, one of which must be Financial Accounting.

Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD): Alongside MBA students, students participate in sections of the LEAD program, which enhances self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness.

Mentors program: Current MBA students provide advice on topics such as resumes, career development, and job search strategies.

Financial Markets Program

  • Selective admission to a three-year program focusing on quantitative finance, proprietary trading and quantitative finance careers
  • Recruiting support from a dedicated, industry-experienced advising team
  • Opportunity for hands-on experience in algorithmic trading through the annual UChicago Midwest Trading Competition

The Financial Markets Program provides students experience in mathematical modeling, programming, and other quantitative topics to pursue a career in trading, financial modeling, or quantitative analysis. The program provides weekly workshops specifically directed at products traded in the markets (options, futures, swaps, fixed income, etc.), technical methods and models that drive market operation, trading ethics and market regulation, and site visit experiences with some of Chicago’s premier proprietary trading firms.

Business Career Services

  • Open enrollment program serving students who are not in selective programs or who are desiring a less-structured option
  • Recruiting support from dedicated, industry-experienced advising team
  • Collaboration with Trott Business Program and Financial Markets Program advising teams

Business Career Services offers specialized programming, counseling appointments, and alumni connections for students interested in a variety of business careers. The program does not require an application, and undergraduates from any major are encouraged to be involved. Throughout the year, workshops, business competitions, and site visits to firms in Chicago and beyond allow students to broadly explore possible career paths. Business Career Services helps students interested in business to navigate and succeed at every step in the career process, from preparing for the very first interview to securing a full-time job in their desired industry upon graduation.

Support UChicago Business Programs

Alumni involvement and participation by experienced professionals are critical to the success of UChicago’s business career programs. If you are interested in volunteering with these programs, there are a number of ways to get involved including industry exploration sessions, panel discussions, practice interviews, mentoring, and sponsoring an extern or intern. Interested in volunteering? Contact Nancy Schaller, Senior Program Director at