Public Policy and Service


UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service

UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service (UCIPPS) is a non-selective program that welcomes all students who are interested in making an impact on the world through internships and beyond graduation. UCIPPS students pursue careers in an incredibly broad range of fields, from work in non-profits, policy research, local and federal government, to the quickly evolving set of sectors in big data, corporate social responsibility, impact and non-profit consulting, and economic development.

These careers don’t have one specific path to success, and even the application process and materials can be incredibly different from those in business or other fields. With so many paths to choose from and applications to understand, it can be difficult to navigate the world of public and social service. UCIPPS advisors offer guidance and industry expertise to help students find and land opportunities best suited to their skills and interests.

Scheduling an Appointment

UCIPPS advising appointments are one-on-one meetings with an industry expert. Since both the job market and the materials you need to be successful are so different from other fields, these meetings can be used in a variety of ways. Make an appointment to have a strategic conversation about your career, prepare the best application materials possible, find resources to search for internships and jobs, or sharpen your interview skills. If we can’t help you with exactly what you’re looking for, we can help you find someone who can!


Each week, UCIPPS sends an industry-specific list of internship and full-time opportunities, as well as events on campus to help you learn more about careers and activities in public and social service. To sign up for the listhost, log in to your UChicago Handshake account then select: UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service (UCIPSS).

Selective Tracks

To respond to students’ incredibly diverse interests, UCIPPS offers four selective programs, each designed to guide students in their career path, build their skills, and sharpen applications for internships and full-time jobs. Check them out in the tabs to the left!

Support Our Students

The continued support of alumni plays an integral role in the success of students involved in UCIPPS We welcome employers to engage by speaking with students, joining in career panels, hosting of an intern or extern, or making a gift to the program. If you are interested in any of these options or would like to get involved in other ways, please contact Sylvia Atsalis, Program Director of UChicago Careers in Public Policy and Service, at