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Policy and Social Impact

Careers in Policy and Social Impact welcomes all students who are interested in making an impact on the world through internships and beyond graduation. Students pursue careers in a broad range of fields including think tanks, local and federal government, global health, human rights as well as with the quickly evolving sectors in sustainability, big data, corporate social responsibility, impact and non-profit consulting, and economic development. For all these areas, program advisers offer guidance and industry expertise to help students identify public policy and service opportunities best suited to their skills and interests.

Scheduling an Appointment

Advising appointments are one-on-one meetings. Students can make an appointment through Handshake to have a strategic conversation about their career, prepare the best application materials possible, find resources to search for internships and jobs, or sharpen their interview skills.


Careers in Policy and Social Impact assists students in identifying internship opportunities that help them build professional skills and industry expertise. Organizations that have hosted UChicago students for internships include the Alliance for the Great Lakes, Woodrow Wilson Center, Milken Institute, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Africa Grant Advisors, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Juvenile Protective Association, Brookings Institution, and many others.


Each week, Careers in Policy and Social Impact sends an industry-specific list of internship and full-time opportunities and an events newsletter to highlight opportunities on campus to learn more about careers and activities in policy and social impact. Sign up for the program listhost to get updates about upcoming programs and application deadlines.

Program Tracks

Responding to students’ diverse interests, Careers in Policy and Social Impact offers several different programs, each designed to guide students in their career path, help to build skills, hone interests, and sharpen applications for internships and full-time jobs.

Fried Public Policy and Service Program

An open participation program for any College student interested in public interest career fields, the Fried Public Policy and Service Program provides a diverse range of career resources for mission-driven students, including professional development events, career treks, and networking opportunities.

Public Policy Leaders Program

Public Policy Leaders is a selective track offered for students who are ambitious about pursuing public sector and social impact careers. Students in the program have access to funded internships, specialized career treks, and trainings in technical and soft skills as well as leadership development. Exclusive programming isoffered by experts from the Harris School of Public Policy, the Institute of Politics, the Social Sciences Division, the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice, and graduate student mentors. Students complete the bulk of programming during their second and fourth years in order concentrate on their internship search during third year. 

Visit the Public Policy Leaders webpage to learn more.

Luther H. Foster, Jr. Public Service Internship Program

The Luther H. Foster, Jr. Public Service Internship Program is a one-year selective track program that provides career resources, leadership development, and funded internship opportunities for students who are dedicated to promoting the success of underrepresented populations in public interest careers. The program provides internships and professional development resources for students committed to amplifying these voices in politics and social impact. The program is open to all students, and students from under-served backgrounds are particularly encouraged to participate.

The program is named in honor of Dr. Luther H. Foster, Jr., AM’41, Ph.D’51, UChicago alumnus and distinguished leader of the Tuskegee Institute (now known as Tuskegee University).

Visit the program webpage for more information, and sign up for the Careers in Policy and Social Impact listhost to receive updates about the program.

Social Sector Leaders Program

Offered in partnership with UChicago's Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice, the Social Sector Leaders Program is a one-year selective track for a cohort of undergraduate students. This program is intended for students interested in deepening their understanding of the complexity of social problems; while developing their professional capacity to effectively drive social change. Students participating in this program have professional interest in a variety of social sector fields: Therapy or Clinical Social Work, Social Administration, Social Policy and Evaluation and Non-Profit Management.

Visit the program webpage for more information!

UChicago Green Careers

UChicago Green Careers is an open-participation track that supports students who are interested in environmental and sustainability careers. Whether you’re interested in doing research as an environmental scientist, crafting green policies for governments, or designing sustainable products and business practices for companies, UChicago Green Careers can help you reach your goals!

Global Health Scholars Program

The Global Health Scholars Program is a selective track that introduces undergraduates to a broad scope of functions needed in the field of health equity. The program is designed to explore the linkages between global, national, and local public health issues and the skills needed to advance in the sector. Students examine technology, policy, supply chain, marketing, finance, human-centered design and other disciplines and their roles in global health. To meet track requirements, scholars participate in skills workshops, attend conferences, participate in challenges and other experiential activities to prepare for careers in the U.S. and abroad. Scholars have until graduation to complete track requirements and will receive a designation of completion on their transcript. The program is open to first, second, and third year students and all majors are welcome to apply.

Center for Global Health Summer Research Fellowship

  • Deadline: Early Spring Quarter 2022
  • Open to 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-year students

The University of Chicago Center for Global Health (CGH) is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to improving health and well-being through education, research and training, and service in partnership with communities in the United States and around the world. The objective of this Fellowship is to provide students at different levels and from different backgrounds practical exposure to medical and global health research with a strong foundation in faculty and peer-to-peer mentorship. Students will gain valuable experience in collecting and analyzing data, relating to people of different backgrounds and experiences, and applying knowledge to real-world situations.

Human Rights Internship Program

The Careers in Policy and Social Impact team partners closely with the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights to offer internship opportunities to students exploring global human rights. The Human Rights Internship Program is an opportunity for University of Chicago students to explore human rights in practice, supported by a fellowship grant of $5,000. The yearlong program supports students as they search out and prepare for a full-time summer internship, then integrate that experience into the rest of their academic coursework. To learn more about the Human Rights Internship Program, please visit the program website.

Support Our Students

The continued support of alumni plays an integral role in the success of students involved in Careers in Policy and Social Impact. We welcome employers to engage by speaking with students, joining career panels, hosting an intern or extern, or making a gift to the program. If you are interested in any of these options or would like to get involved in other ways, please contact Jo Falk, Senior Program Director, at


For more information about Careers in Policy and Social Impact, please contact Jo Falk, Senior Program Director, at