Recruit for One-Year Fellowships


The University of Chicago Kimpton Fellows Program helps  recent graduates of the College find full time, employer paid, positions across a wide variety of for-profit industries, not-for-profits, government agencies, research and philanthropic institutions, educational organizations, and social service providers. In order to ensure the success of the Fellows, the Kimpton Program provides mentors to all fellows, and fellows attend biweekly professional development seminars. Over 10% of the University of Chicago’s graduating class applies to be Kimpton Fellows, so the pool of candidates is exceptionally strong.

Benefits of Participation

  • Hire a talented, highly-committed UChicago graduate for a full-time position at a reasonable salary.
  • We match candidates to your position based on skills and interests. You make the final selection, with no interference in your hiring process
  •  80% of Kimpton Fellows stay with their companies longer than a year.
  • Kimpton Program Mentors provide valuable assistance to fellows as they begin their careers.
  • The Kimpton Program promotes long-term human capital for partner organizations.

Financial Commitment

We ask that our partners compensate their Kimpton Fellows at rates comparable to other employees completing similar tasks. Most Kimpton Fellows receive a minimum salary of approximately $36,000, plus customary employee benefits. However, salary levels can change based on job location, sector, and a host other variables. . Partner organizations are also required to give fellows time to attend seminars, unless work requirements make this unfeasible.

Application Process

To apply, complete the 2019-20 Partner Organization Application and submit a job description to We encourage partner organizations to submit position descriptions early to attract the most qualified candidates. Fellowship positions begin betweenMarch and September 2020.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator: Andrianna Kurzenberger