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Chicago Booth MBA Programs

Which Program is Right for Me?

Accelerated MBA Option

  • Save time and money by counting up to six Booth courses taken as an undergraduate towards your MBA
  • Potentially qualify for GMAT/GRE waiver if you've taken four or more BUSN courses
  • Reserve your spot in the MBA class by applying to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program
  • Gain one to two years of full-time work experience before enrolling at Chicago Booth
  • Shorten your time to degree to as little as 12 months

Traditional Chicago Booth Scholars Program

  • No need to take Booth courses as an undergraduate
  • Secure your spot in Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program during your final year in the College
  • Work full-time for two to five years before starting MBA program
  • Gain access to resources, events, and programming during deferral period
  • Complete MBA degree after two years of coursework