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Spring Quarter 2020
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Applying to Schools of the Health Professions

Jennifer Qin, AB'16

Jennifer Q.

"UCHIP’s advisers helped me navigate a path to becoming a physician that allowed me to explore my passion for policy and community development."

Current Students & Alumni 

UChicago Careers in Health Professions provides comprehensive support for those in the process of applying to schools of the health professions. Our application cycle program, open to current students and alumni, features a series of detailed informational seminars, an individualized personal statement consultation, school selection planning, and an interview designed to understand your goals and motivations toward medicine. Applicants who complete the requirements of the UChicago Careers in Health Professions application cycle are eligible for an institutional letter of endorsement from the Health and Medicine Committee (HMC), a group of faculty and senior staff with a range of interdisciplinary expertise. These letters aim to provide evidence of the academic and personal competencies applicants have cultivated throughout their time in the College. Institutional letters are seen by admissions committees as an important element in an application, as they can provide a holistic overview of an applicant’s qualifications.

Application cycles are numbered according to the year applicants will matriculate into their health professions program. Applicants begin the cycle approximately two years before matriculating. For example, the 2020 Application Cycle began in Autumn Quarter 2018; people in this cycle submitted applications to schools in the summer of 2019, receive admissions decisions in the spring of 2020, and begin school in the late summer or fall of 2020.

Accordingly, our 2021 Application Cycle—for students who wish to matriculate in the autumn of 2021—will begin during Autumn Quarter 2019. Please see information below.

Advanced Alumni 

Alumni who graduated more than three years prior to the beginning of the current application cycle should have rich professional, personal, and/or academic experiences beyond their time in the College. While advanced alumni are welcome to participate in UChicago Careers in Health Professions application cycle programs, the Health and Medicine (HMC) letter speaks primarily to an applicant’s undergraduate years, and is thus of limited value for advanced alumni. Instead, we recommend a more individualized approach combining letters reflecting academic performance with letters discussing post-graduate pursuits.

Advanced alumni should schedule an appointment with an adviser to discuss their goals and plans.

Application Materials

Application materials including the Applicant Guidelines booklet and both the seminar PowerPoint presentations and audio recordings can be found in the Inspire Advising Resource Library.