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Jeff Metcalf Internship Program

Metcalfs abroad

Metcalf internships are available in a diverse range of industries!

Through the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program, UChicago students receive 4,000 paid, substantive internships during the summer and academic year. 

Who is Jeff Metcalf?

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program was established in 1997 in honor of Harold “Jeff” Metcalf (AM ’53), who was Dean of Students at the Graduate School of Business from 1956 – 1975 and Director of Athletics from 1976 – 1981. In both of these roles, he was a mentor and friend to students and had a profoundly positive impact on their lives and careers. UChicago is celebrating 25 years of the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program, which pays tribute to Jeff’s dedication to helping students both within the University and beyond.

"If it weren’t for Jeff Metcalf, I would not be in the career I am in now. He counseled, advised, arranged for us to make connections and interviews, and generally showed us the way to the wider world. He used his vast contacts as Dean of Students of the Graduate School of Business and later University Athletics Director to impact the career choices of so many of us. Jeff connected me to my first summer internship after sophomore year and completely changed my life."

– Byron D. Trott, AB ’81, MBA ’82 BDT Capital Partners

What is a Metcalf Internship?

A Jeff Metcalf internship is a project-based, substantive paid opportunity with employers across industries during the academic year and the summer. Career Advancement works closely with an established network of reputable employers across the world to vet opportunities and offer these quality experiences to University of Chicago College students. Metcalf internships can be:

  • Funded by the University through partnerships established by Career Advancement
    • University-funded Metcalf awards are fellowships designed to help students offset their living expenses rather than provide an hourly wage or salary. Award amounts are determined using a sliding scale in which all students working a given range of hours will receive a standardized fellowship amount.
  • Funded through one of Career Advancement’s internship grants
  • Part of an existing employer internship program

What are the Benefits of a Metcalf Internship?

Career Advancement works closely with Metcalf employers to ensure a high-quality, project-based experience. 

Additionally, Metcalf interns benefit from:

How Do I find a Metcalf Internship?

To search for Metcalf internships:

  • Log in to your UChicago Handshake account
  • Click "Jobs" 
  • Click "All Filters"
  • In the dropdown menu, scroll down to "Labeled by Your School"
  • Select “2021-22 metcalf”

Career Advancement publishes a weekly newsletter, highlighting key Metcalf opportunities with upcoming deadlines, as well as a comprehensive spreadsheet with all available positions. You are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter here. 

What are My Responsibilities as a Metcalf Intern?

All Metcalf interns are required to submit a survey of their academic year and summer experience(s). Your reflections and evaluation are extremely important, as they capture your experience and are a great way to share your successes with other UChicago students seeking similar opportunities. Survey responses may be shared with alumni, donors, University leaders, and members of the public whose support is critical to offering this program to University of Chicago students.

I’ve Accepted a Metcalf Internship | What to Expect Next?

  1. Send an email to to inform us of your internship acceptance. This is helpful in the event your employer has not connected with our staff yet.
  2. Once we verify the details with the employer, you will receive an email from our office with your next steps in the process. If your internship is College-funded, you will receive instructions on how to complete the direct deposit process or alternatively request a check. 
  3.  Complete your action steps within 48 hours of receiving the Metcalf award letter email.

Please visit here for an overview of the responsibilities of Metcalf interns. Thank you for being an excellent ambassador for UChicago during your internship and throughout the recruiting process!

Additional Support

  • You can make an appointment on Handshake to prepare your materials for Metcalf internship applications. Career advisers are currently available for phone and video appointments.
  • Plan for a successful summer using the resources we’ve compiled for you here.