Success Stories

Who's Making an Impact at UChicago?

University of Chicago students, alumni, faculty and staff make news around the world. Career Advancement is pleased to partner with a wide range of organizations to give students access to prestigious speakers, unique events and limitless opportunities. Please read below for recent news and accomplishments that help shape our campus and our community.


Success Stories

When Waller Perez (AB‘17) chose the University of Chicago, he knew that the knowledge he gained from the Core curriculum would support him in any interest he decided to pursue.  With a passion for teamwork built from his experience as a varsity basketball player, Waller began to plan for a future career in a collaborative office environment where he knew he would excel..

Mingchen “Bruce” Chi (AB’17) has always been looking ahead to the next big opportunity. While knee-deep in a myriad of high school extra curricular activities, he focused all his remaining energy on finding the perfect college to suit his needs. Bruce’s approach to selecting a career path has been no different: having participated in externships, Jeff Metcalf Internships, and constant contact with alumni and career advisers, he strives to settle into a dream job that stimulates and challenges him as much as UChicago’s academic environment.

The University of Chicago and UChicago Careers in Business: Financial Markets (UCIB: FM) program hosted the 3rd Annual UChicago Midwest Trading Competition on April 11th at the recently opened Chicago Innovation Exchange. As the nation’s primary algorithmic trading competition, the UChicago Midwest Trading Competition—powered by OptionsCity—serves as an opportunity for quantitatively driven students interested in financial markets to connect with premier financial services firms in the Chicago area.

In December, eight students traveled to Washington D.C. to explore a variety of legal careers. During the trek, run by UChicago Careers in Law (UCIL), students met with alumni utilizing their legal backgrounds working for the government, non-profits, and for-profit institutions. Students gained insights into picking the right law school and learned about employment opportunities with groups ranging from private firms to the Department of Justice.

Started in 1948, the 57th Street Art Fair is a Hyde Park institution. Over 200 exhibitors take over the area during the first weekend of every June. Keeping the Fair as fresh and exciting as it was in 1948 is a continual goal and this year six UChicago students were enlisted to bring a new perspective by serving as consultants.  The partnership culminated in a presentation to the 57th Street Art Fair’s board of trustees in February and several of the student’s recommendations have already being incorporated into the marketing of this year’s event.

Career Advancement’s inaugural trek to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) exposed 21 students to the region’s rapidly growing economy and a variety of employers in its business and energy sectors.  Students visited nine companies throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and also had the opportunity to network with UChicago alumni and important UAE officials.

Career Advancement’s December treks to New York gave thirty six students from the UChicago Careers in Business (UCIB), UCIB: Financial Markets (UCIB: FM), and Business Career Services (BCS) programs the opportunity to increase their understanding of investment bank career options, support summer internship recruiting, and strengthen relationships with alumni and parents in the New York region.

You might say that Greg Nance, AB’11, has entrepreneurship in his blood.

As he listened to his parents, two entrepreneurial public servants in Seattle, discuss their work over the dinner table, Nance became convinced that a little determination could go a long way toward making a positive difference in the world. Nance refined these ideas as a debate team member in high school, where he developed a knack for identifying unmet needs and articulating possible solutions.

Five years ago, UChicago alumnus Kurt Kimmerling would never have expected to be where he is today, the founder of Dressometry, a shopping start-up that helps consumers navigate the online marketplace with a robust search engine specifically for dresses. Some may recognize the Kimmerling name in association with Eckhart Consulting, the strategy and management consulting RSO on campus that Kurt, his brother, and a close friend founded as undergraduates.

Career Advancement’s annual trek to China gave 13 UChicago students the opportunity to spend their Winter Break in Beijing and Shanghai exploring career prospects in the country’s vibrant business sector. Students visited 14 diverse employers ranging from large corporations to small startups. These visits allowed the students to rapidly expand their network and see firsthand what life might look like as a professional in China.