Historical Undergraduate Outcomes

UChicago students secure a highly diverse range of meaningful plans after graduation. College alumni are employed by leading organizations in a variety of industries, pursuing advanced degrees at top graduate programs, starting their own businesses, and serving the greater good through organizations such as the Peace Corps and Teach for America. Each year, Career Advancement compiles a report on the senior class’s accomplishments and their post-graduation plans.


Class of 2017 Outcomes

Class of 2017 Outcomes


The Class of 2017 is making an impact at nearly 400 different organizations

85% of UChicago applicants were accepted to medical school, more than twice the national average of 41%
84% of UChicago applicants were accepted to top 20 law schools

100% of the Class of 2017 meets with a career adviser in their first year


Every year, UChicago offers 2,500+ Metcalf internships, 45+ Career Treks, and 500+ Job Shadowing opportunities