Grants for Unpaid Opportunities

Download the Career Advancement funding opportunities guide for a list of grant opportunities across campus.

Career Advancement partners with the College to offer a number of grants that support unpaid internship and research opportunities. Please check UChicago Handshake for the most up-to-date details and deadlines for the below grants. Students can apply for funding from several programs:

  • The Jeff Metcalf Fellowship Grant for Internships in the U.S. and the Jeff Metcalf Global Fellowship Grant both offer a limited number of grants to undergraduate students who plan to intern or conduct research in the United States and abroad during the summer. Applications for these grants open on UChicago Handshake in winter quarter.
  • Jeff Metcalf Fellowship Grant for Internships for Odyssey Students offers limited funding to 2nd – 4th year Odyssey Scholars who have secured unpaid internship or research opportunities
  • The Summer Action Grant provides funding for U.S.-based internships and research assistantships to 1st -3rd year undergraduate students
  • The International Experience Grant supports students who have secured unpaid internships, research, or other professional opportunities abroad
  • The Jeff Metcalf in Asia Fellowship Grant provides funding for self-secured unpaid or low-paid summer internships and research opportunities in Asia.
  • The Pat Rosenzweig Fellows Internship Fund funds students who have secured unpaid summer internships at nonprofits and public policy organizations
  • The Jeff Metcalf Summer Global Health and Social Sciences Grant offers funding for unpaid self-secured internships related to the intersection of global health and the social sciences
  • The UCISTEM Summer Research Grant funds research opportunities that occur in a laboratory setting
  • The PRISM Research Grant supports independent summer research for students in particular majors.
  • The Seidel Scholars Grant provides funding for innovative and unconventional professional experiences that are connected to a student’s major and career interests.
  • Some of the “UChicago Careers In” pre-professional programs also provide financial support for experiential learning opportunities 

Each grant has their own specific eligibility requirements and application procedures, and student grant applications are reviewed holistically. The criteria below may be used as a guideline for the application review process:  

  • Substance of the opportunity; internships and research opportunities should fulfill the requirements of the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program.
  • Mission of the organization, and goals and responsibilities of the internship or research position should be clearly outlined and demonstrate the quality and depth of the experience.
  • Alignment of the internship or research opportunity to the student’s professional and academic goals. Materials should clearly convey how the internship will advance the student’s skills, experience, and knowledge and/or is relevant to the student’s post-graduation success.
  • Students must have access to a direct supervisor or faculty member who will be physically present where the student is working, and provide ongoing support and mentorship.
  • Consideration will be given to student’s resume, class year, major, and past professional experiences and extracurricular activities as it relates to the opportunity.
  • Coherence, accuracy, and organization of the student’s resume, cover letter, and other supporting materials.
  • If applicable, strength of letter of recommendation.
  • Ability to describe why funding is important for the student’s situation. For grants that request this information, extenuating circumstances or hardships may be taken into consideration.