Post-College Outcomes

Each year, UChicago students secure offers for a highly diverse range of post-college opportunities. College alumni are employed by leading organizations in a variety of industries, pursuing advanced degrees at top graduate programs, starting their own businesses, and serving the greater good through organizations such as the Peace Corps and Teach for America.

This page provides information on post-college offers for the most recent UChicago graduating class, the Class of 2023.

Class of 2023 Post-College Offers

Data Methodology

This data reflects students’ offer status as of June 2023 and includes undergraduate students who graduated in Autumn Quarter 2022, Winter Quarter 2023, and Spring Quarter 2023. The data is sourced from information reported by students in surveys, conversations with career advisers, and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Class of 2023 Job and Graduate School Offer Data

99% of Class of 2023 students had received an offer for employment, graduate school, or other post-college opportunities at the time of graduation.

  • 77% received employment offers.

  • 22% received graduate school offers.

  • Employment Offer Industries

  • Arts/Journalism/Media - 5.5%

  • Consulting - 14.7%

  • Corporate & All Other Business - 6.8%

  • Education - 10.6%

  • Entrepreneurship/Start-Ups - 2.1%

  • Financial Services - 30.6%

  • Government/Public Policy & Administration - 4.0%

  • Healthcare - 5.6%

  • Law - 4.0%

  • Non-Profit & Social Services - 4.1%

  • Science & Technology - 11.9%

This shows data for Class of 2023 students who received an employment offer and reported an industry.

99%99% of Class of 2023 students had substantive post-graduation plans

Graduate School Offers by Program Type

Master's Programs - 61%
PhD Programs - 26%
Law School - 8 %
Medical School - 5%

This shows data for Class of 2023 students who were accepted to graduate or professional school and reported a program type for their offer.

Grad School by Type

Law School Admissions

83% law school acceptance rate

This data reflects outcomes reported by the Law School Admissions Council for UChicago students and alumni who applied for law school during the 2022 admissions cycle.

Law School 83%

Medical School Admissions

80% medical school acceptance rate

This data reflects outcomes reported by the Association of American Medical Colleges for UChicago class of 2023 students who applied for medical school during the 2023 admissions cycle.

Med School

Class of 2023 Post-College Destinations

Midwestern U.S.: 36%
Northeastern U.S.: 35%
Southern U.S.: 9%
Western U.S.: 13%
International: 7%

This data reflects post-college destinations for Class of 2023 students who reported where they would be working or studying after graduation.

Post Grad Destination