Internships for Credit

The Internships for Credit Practicum (HUMA/SOSC 02980) provides academic credit for students whose internship employers require that they receive course credit. These courses are offered for internship opportunities that take place year-round, but note that the practicum takes place and appears on students' transcripts in the Summer Quarter. 

Does Your Employer Require Credit?

Only students whose employers require credit should register for the internship practicum. Credit being "required" is defined as the student being unable to do the internship unless they are receiving credit. A registration fee of $150 is required and will be added to the College bill of all students enrolled.

Credit from the internship practicum cannot be used to graduate early or fulfill graduation requirements.

Contact Melissa Ross, Internships for Credit Coordinator, at if you have questions about whether you need credit for your internship.

How Can You Receive Credit for Your Internship? 

  • If your internship application requires you to show proof of eligibility for credit to apply, you may request an Eligibility Letter. This letter does not register you for the Internship Practicum, but simply confirms that you are eligible to receive credit for the internship.

  • If you have already secured the internship and receiving academic credit is necessary to take up the position, fill out the Internships for Credit practicum registration form. This form will register you for the Internship Practicum course. (Note that while this form is required for registration, it does not guarantee it. A Career Advancement staff member will reply to the form to confirm your enrollment.)

  • Please ask your employer to fill out the online Employer Form.

  • Once the employer returns the form to Career Advancement, the student will be enrolled in the appropriate practicum. Students should not register for the course themselves; the coordinator will forward the registrar a list of names to be enrolled.

  • Upon request, the coordinator can provide a confirmation letter certifying enrollment

     in the Internships for Credit Practicum for the employer.

Please Note:

  • The Internships for Credit Practicum is only available to currently enrolled undergraduate students in the College.

  • First year students who wish to receive credit for an internship during the academic year must first receive the approval of their College adviser. Requests for registration for academic-year internships which do not come through an adviser will not be accepted by Career Advancement.

  • Though the course may provide credit for internships that occur year-round, the internship practicum can only take place and appear on student transcripts in the summer. Students may only take the internship practicum three times during their College career (and in most cases only once per calendar year) in the summer following their first, second, and third years.

  • If their internship is related to academic study, students may also have the option to design a "Reading and Research" course with a faculty member as a way to receive credit. This option is open to all College students. Please speak with your College adviser if you wish to explore this option.

  • If you plan to take other courses during the Summer Quarter in which you will be registered for the practicum, please notify your Career Advancement contact before registering.

  • The University of Chicago will not take on the liability of students and Career Advancement staff members will not sign the "Hold Harmless" agreements of employers. If your employer is requiring one of these agreements, contact Melissa Ross at

Notes for Fourth-Year Students

The internship practicum can only appear on student transcripts in the summer. Fourth year students graduating in June should contact Melissa Ross at if they wish to register for the practicum in their fourth year.

Notes for International Students 

  • All international students should discuss their plans with staff at the Office of International Affairs before making any decisions that could impact their visa status.

  • This course will not enable international students to use their CPT.

Letters of Enrollment 

  • Letters certifying enrollment in the College are not provided by Career Advancement; they are provided by the Office of the Registrar.

  • Current students can submit a request for enrollment verification in under "Academic Information."

Confirmation Letter Request

If your employer requires an official letter stating that you are registered for the Internship Practicum, you can request that letter using this form once you have registered for the Internship Practicum course. Please do not request a confirmation letter until you have filled out the registration form.

Employer Form

In order to qualify as a substantive professional internship eligible for credit, the University of Chicago requires for-profit employers participating in the Internships for Credit program confirm that the internship will abide by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Please see the Department of Labor's website for more information regarding this law. Please contact Melissa Ross, Internships for Credit Coordinator, at with any questions.

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Eligibility Letter Request

If your internship application requires you show proof of eligibility for credit in order to apply, you may request an eligibility letter using this form.

Please do not use this form if you have already secured your internship. If you have already secured a position, and your employer requires credit, you must register for the internship practicum and then request a confirmation letter be sent to your employer.


To receive credit from the University of Chicago, you must enroll in the Internship Practicum course using this form. There is a $150 registration fee for the course, so you should only enroll in the course if your employer requires proof of credit for employment. The registration fee is placed on your College bill. Internships carry 0.25 credits and are graded Pass/Fail only.

Your internship may occur during any quarter, but the Practicum is only offered during Summer Quarter. If you do an internship in the Fall, Winter, or Spring Quarters, the course will be placed on your transcript the following summer. As a result, students may only take the practicum once a year.

With the written approval of your internship supervisor, you may choose to withdraw from the course at any time, in which case a “W” will be recorded for the internship. To remove the course from your transcript, an additional $50 fee is required, and the $150 fee will refunded, prorated based on the date of registration.

Note that while this form is required for registration, it does not guarantee it. A Career Advancement staff member will reply to the form to confirm your enrollment.