Learn key skills that will help you advance your academic and professional goals by getting involved with Careers in Business at Career Advancement and academic programs at the Chicago Booth School of Business! Students can take advantage of expert advising, employer site visits, and career development workshops. Careers in Business professional development resources are open to any College student interested in business.

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Get Expert Support

Careers in Business provides personalized support from advisers with professional business experience. Students receive coaching in exploring different career paths, identifying summer opportunities, and preparing resumes and cover letters. Students can make an appointment with our advisers online through UChicago Handshake.

Explore Careers and Build Your Skills

Industry-Focused Experiential Learning Opportunities and Immersive Networking Events

In addition to our Exploring Careers In Business Resource, Career Advancement helps students explore career paths, refine their skills, and demonstrate their talents to employers. We offer a variety of industry-focused experiential opportunities, including industry roadmap and recruiting ramp-up sessions, signature industry networking events, and hands-on learning experiences.

  • Industry roadmap and recruiting ramp-up sessions: Chart your course, stay up-to-date on current recruiting trends, and learn best practices for competitive candidacy through industry-tailored workshops featuring first-hand information from employers, alumni, and upperclassmen students.

  • Signature industry networking events: build industry knowledge, practice networking and interviewing skills, and connect with employers to support recruiting goals across a broad range of industries. Events include the Consulting Symposium, Make Your Mark: Careers in Branding and Marketing, and Night on Wall Street.

  • Hands-on Learning Experiences: Build skills and perspective on target industries through competitions, student consulting projects, and additional immersive events including job shadowing and Micro-Metcalf internships

Meet Employers, Visit Key Markets

In addition to Chicago’s nearby business community, Careers in Business offers career “treks” to connect students with employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. These treks bring students to leading business destinations including Hong Kong, London, New York, and San Francisco. Learn more

Gain Hands-on Experience

Jeff Metcalf Internship Program provides 4,500 paid substantive internships to students each year across a variety of career fields. Careers in Business works closely with employers in consulting, finance, branding and marketing, and across the corporate landscape to offer Metcalf internships for students. Learn more.

Why Business at UChicago?

UChicago’s rigorous and intellectually stimulating environment uniquely combines strong theoretical foundations with real-world applications, guided by leading scholars and professionals, which prepares students exceptionally well for dynamic careers in global markets. Learn more about why UChicago is a great place to explore business!

Chicago Booth Harper Center

Chicago Booth Programs

MBA Programs, Master in Management Program, Master in Finance Program, and Chicago Booth Scholars Program

Chicago Booth offers a variety of business graduate degrees to meet students where they are in life and help them achieve their professional goals. Learn more

Booth provides an MBA degree in four formats, with each offering the same transformative experience. For those who are just starting their careers, or have not started one yet, Booth offers a Master in Management Program and a Master in Finance Program.

College students considering an MBA in the future are encouraged to apply for the Chicago Booth Scholars Program, which allows students to apply for MBA admission during their final year of undergraduate study and defer enrollment at Chicago Booth for two to four years while they gain professional experience.

Structured Program Opportunities

The programs below offer additional resources to undergraduates of all majors who wish to support their interest in a business career, alongside a community of like-minded peers, with specialized advising, programming, and additional coursework.

Learn about applying to selective business programs.


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