Student Recruiting Guidelines

The policies below apply to all students and Career Advancement programs, including employer recruiting events and the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program. Incoming students are invited to complete the guidelines using a Handshake survey. If you have any questions, please contact

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2023-24 Career Advancement Student Guidelines

Navigating the recruiting process to achieve your goals while balancing academics and extracurricular activities can be both exciting and challenging. UChicago Career Advancement is committed to supporting students throughout this process, including sharing guidelines and professional standards that you can utilize to guide your activities and navigate decisions. Your shared commitment to these professional guidelines provides a foundation for a successful recruiting process where you can best represent yourself as a candidate, the institution, and UChicago community.

A UChicago candidate:

  • Acts with honesty and integrity in all aspects of the job search and represents skills, qualifications, and experiences truthfully.

  • Demonstrates maturity and maintains a professional tone and demeanor in all communication with employers.

  • Responds promptly to employers’ inquiries, interview invitations and acknowledges job offers.

  • Expresses appreciation and gratitude to employers and alumni invested in students’ success.

  • Commits to ethical practices in the recruiting process and on the job, maintaining confidentiality and not disclosing proprietary, sensitive company-specific information.

  • Honors commitments and accepted job offers, promptly contacting Career Advancement for guidance on unique circumstances or changes in plans.

  • Endeavors to fulfill high-level performance expectations during the internship.

Below is a summary of recruiting best practices along with detailed information to follow. Career Advancement is available to provide guidance and support you in the recruiting process throughout the year. Contact your career adviser or email our team.

Summary of Recruiting Best Practices