Muse is a no-code online site-building tool that enables users to create attractive pages using simple building blocks and to integrate all of their content from across the web into one Minisite — including LinkedIn and a traditional resume. Muse requires no knowledge of coding or design and takes a small fraction of the time required to use traditional web-building tools. Muse can be used to:

  • Create a personal Minisite

  • Add your Minisite link to your resume

  • Add your Minisite link to your Linkedin profile

  • Share your Minisite link with alumni and other potential connections

  • Add your Minisite to any social media as a link-in-bio

College students across the U.S. and internationally with career objectives from finance to consulting to the arts to engineering use Muse to create vivid portfolios to represent their skills, competencies, interests and accomplishments and stand out to potential employers.

Getting Started