Whether you're interested in clinical or non-clinical roles, the Careers in Healthcare team is here to help you prepare to be exceptional in your field. Here are some tips to begin exploring your interest in a healthcare career:

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Personalized Advising

Students and alumni can schedule an appointment with our team of dedicated advisers through Handshake, or reach out at the contact information below.

Swapna Shaw, Deputy Director Swapna has worked at The University of Chicago for almost 13 years. She came to Career Advancement after working in the College Dean of Students Office for close to 10 years. She is passionate about working with our extraordinary undergraduate students. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and her two dogs.

Caroline Wilky, Program Director, Careers in Healthcare Caroline enjoys empowering compassionate and driven individuals interested in the healthcare field. Prior to joining the team, she served as a pre-health advisor at the University of Pennsylvania. She earned a BA in history at the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in history at the University of Notre Dame, where she also advised students pursuing fellowships and undergraduate research. Her hobbies include gardening, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, and reading.

Elise Gruneisen, Senior Assistant Director, Careers in Healthcare Elise is proud to be a member of the Careers in Healthcare team, empowering students and alumni to serve the well-being of our communities. She earned her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration at Northwestern University, and served as an academic advisor at North Park University before joining UChicago. Outside of work, she enjoys writing and rock climbing.

Applying to Med School

Start you journey to medical school with confidence by exploring these resources and tools designed to streamline your application process. From guidance on crafting a standout personal statement to necessary coursework, find what you need to navigate the complex admissions landscape successfully.

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Applying to Med School Timeline

Fall Third Year

Fall Fourth Year, if taking Gap Year

  • September, October, or November: Attend the "Evaluating Your Candidacy” workshop

  • December: Attend the “Application Timeline” workshop and start drafting your personal statement

Spring Third Year Through Fall Fourth Year

Spring Fourth Year Through Fall Gap Year, if taking a Gap Year

  • January: Attend the “Work & Activities” workshop, and take the Mock MCAT

  • February: Participate in the “Personal Statement Lab” workshop

  • March: Schedule a Personal Statement Review with your CIH adviser

  • April: Take the MCAT by this month, and attend the “CASPer and PREview” workshop

  • May: Participate in AMCAS Bootcamp and fill out your primary application through AMCAS

  • June: Submit your primary application by mid-June, and all Letters of Recommendation by late-June

  • July – August: Submit all secondary applications

  • August 2024 – May 2025: Schedule a Mock Interview with your CIH adviser and complete your school interviews!

Spring Fourth Year

Spring Gap Year, if taking a Gap Year

  • May: Most medical schools will send acceptance decisions by mid-May

  • June: Confirm your enrollment at the school you decide to attend

  • August: Begin medical school!

Selective Programs

Careers in Healthcare offers many enriching cohort-based programs, each designed to guide students in their career exploration journey — build your skills, hone your interests, and gain foundational experiences that can amplify your job and professional school applications.

Med Student Mentors

Navigate your medical school journey with insights from current med students through the Med Student Mentors Program. Connect with alumni, receive personalized advice, and prepare for your future in medicine. Learn more.

UChicago Medicine Shadowing Procedures

Gain invaluable medical insights and hands-on experience through the UChicago Medicine Shadowing Procedures. Participating students enhance their understanding of healthcare professions and ensure readiness for medical school by visiting. Learn more.

Gap Year Support

If a gap year is part of our med school plans, discover how to enrich your experience and boost your application. The Gap Year Support page will help you maximize your potential and prepare for medical school Learn more.

Dental Careers

From essential coursework to shadowing opportunities, explore how to prepare effectively for dental school. Visit now and start your journey toward a brighter professional future in dental medicine at Career Advancement Dental Careers.

Resource Center

Whether you're preparing for medical school or exploring various career paths in healthcare, we've gathered essential resources and tools available for aspiring healthcare professionals in the Healthcare Resource Center.

UChicago Health Professions Council

Connect with experts in healthcare and medical education through the UChicago Health Professions Council. Learn valuable insights and gain advice from the UChicago Health Professions Council.