Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program

The Wanxiang Corporation and UChicago Career Advancement are partnering to offer a summer program that will send UChicago students to China for a pre-professional educational experience focused on exposing students to Chinese culture and language. The program is supplemented with sessions geared towards introducing students to the basics of green technology and the scope of the Wanxiang Corporation's clean technology initiatives in China. Established under the State Department’s 100,000 Strong Initiative, the program strives to create relationships and comradery between students from the United States and China with the hope of supporting collaboration and goodwill.

Participating students will travel as a group to Hangzhou, China. Housed at Wanxiang Polytechnic University, they will participate in a 6-week program that consists of 3 weeks of classroom-based Chinese language and culture study, as well as seminars focusing on the basics of clean energy. In addition to classes, students will also participate in field trips around China geared towards advancing their understanding of Chinese culture. During the last two weeks of the program students will take part in a shadowing program held at the Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Co, Ltd. and a green energy trek to expand their understanding of the energy industry within China. Applications are open – apply by March 31 to secure your spot!