The Careers in Law program offers students one-on-one advising, workshops, panels, treks, internships, and more so that you can explore the various career paths within the legal field and determine whether a career in law is right for you. The program also helps students and alumni prepare strong, successful applications to law school.

UChicago students and alumni with diverse backgrounds and majors have found the study and practice of law to be greatly rewarding. Careers in Law resources are open to all students and alumni of the College who are interested in exploring a career in the legal field. We look forward to working with you!

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Careers in Law Advising

Is law school the right path for me? How do I find out about what lawyers actually do? What steps can I take to better understand the legal profession and position myself to be a strong applicant for law school?

Whether you are thinking about law for the first time or know exactly what you want to do with your law degree, meet with a member of the Careers in Law team to receive an individualized roadmap to your career goals.

Set up an in-person or virtual advising appointment with Assistant Director Gaby Smith or pre-law adviser Melissa Ross through UChicago Handshake.

Preparing for Law School

The Careers In Law strategically prepares students for law school by offering test preparation, guidance on selecting the right school, and visits to various law schools.

Law School Application Advising

We are here to support current students and alumni through every step of the law school application process! Check out the law school application timeline and meet with a Careers in Law adviser to review your materials, including the personal statement, and to develop an application strategy.

Set up an in-person or virtual advising appointment with Assistant Director Gaby Smith or pre-law adviser Melissa Ross through UChicago Handshake.

Law School Visits

Admissions representatives from top law schools around the country visit UChicago each fall to help students learn more about specific schools and gain insight into the application process.

LSAT Prep Course

UChicago partners with Blueprint to provide discounted access to Blueprint’s LSAT prep courses. Find out more about Blueprint’s approach to LSAT preparation here, and reach out to Gaby Smith at for the current discount and instructions on registering for a course at the discounted rate.

UChicago Law School Open House

Each year, UChicago students interested in the UChicago Law School have the opportunity to meet with an admissions representative, attend a law school class, and visit with current students at the UChicago Law School Open House.

Experiential Learning in Law

Experiential Learning in Law

Workshops, Seminars, and Programs

The Careers In Law Program offers a wide range of workshops, seminars, and programs to guide students interested in various legal careers. These provide insights into the legal field and offer real-world scenarios to enhance learning. Participants gain valuable skills such as legal writing, argumentation, and critical thinking, crucial for success in law school and beyond. Workshops and seminars are held through out the year so sign up for the Careers In Law listhost

Law & Politics Track

The Law & Politics track is a selective, one-year program offered to rising second-, third-, and fourth-year students interested in attending law school to launch a career in politics. Selected students will receive specialized advising, mentorship from professionals in the field, and targeted programming. The track will culminate with each student presenting an individual or small-group capstone project such as a campaign speech, mock press conference, or debate.

This program is offered in coordination with campus partners including the Office of Civic Engagement, the Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse, and the Institute of Politics. Applications will open during the spring quarter.

Class of 2024 Opt-In Cohorts

Students graduating in 2024 who are interested in going straight through to law school or searching for a legal-related position after graduation are encouraged to join either the “Straight Through” or “Work Experience” cohort to receive tailored advice, guidance, and opportunities. Find out more and sign up here.

Rising Attorneys Program

The Careers in Law team is proud to offer the Rising Attorneys Program, dedicated to promoting the success of future law students with a special focus on issues relevant to those from low-income families and underrepresented populations. The program is open to all rising third- and fourth-year students and recent alumni planning to apply to law school within the next five years who can commit to taking the LSAT during the next year. Cohort benefits include a free LSAT prep course, a mentor currently working in the legal field, LSAT registration reimbursement, and access to presentations and programs during the academic year focused on how to succeed in law school. Applications open each year at the beginning of the spring quarter, with each year’s program starting in June and ending one year later. Please reach out to Claire Girardeau at for more information.

Chicago Law Scholars Program

The Chicago Law Scholars Program (CLS) is a binding early decision opportunity to attend the UChicago Law School available only to alumni of the College and to current fourth-year students. This program encourages College students and alumni to remain part of the UChicago community by providing applicants an early decision in the law school admissions process, as well as the prospect of substantial merit scholarships.

Applicants must complete the application by December 1st and will receive an admissions decision by the end of December. Students admitted through CLS will be awarded a merit scholarship of at least $150,000.00 over three years. Applicants not admitted through the CLS program will be considered through the regular decision process. Please speak with a Careers in Law adviser if you have questions.

Find out more about the UChicago Law Scholars program here.

Careers in Law Team

Students and alumni can schedule an appointment with our team of dedicated advisers through Handshake, or reach out at the contact information below.

UChicago Careers in Law Advisory Council

The UChicago Careers in Law Advisory Council is a committee of experts in the legal field who advise the Careers in Law team on how to best serve the pre-law student population at the University of Chicago.


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