Joining Campus RSOs

Part of building your skills and experiences during your time at UChicago can come from joining registered student organizations (“RSOs”) which are a fantastic way to build your resume, learn more about an interest or passion, and become more involved with other students and contribute to the University community.

Whether its joining an interest-based RSO, like the Badminton group or the Chicago Justice Initiative, an affinity-based RSO, like the Organization of Black Students or the Hong Kong Student Association, an academic-focused RSO, like the Comparative Human Development Student Association, or an profession-focused RSO, like the Chicago Economics Club or Pre-Medical Students Association, there are plenty of groups that can help you explore who you are and who you want to be!

Below are some initial steps for you to take to grow your community:

  • Learn more about the events and programming and find RSOs to join here on UChicago Blueprint!

  • Attend the annual RSO Fair

  • Watch our video on crafting competitive RSO applications

  • Stay tuned for more Career Advancement resources to help you apply to selective RSOs including:

    1. Personalized Application Preparation Support Advising

    2. Group Workshops or Labs

    3. Virtual Resources

Join RSOs