Careers in Gaming prepares students for successful careers in game design, UX/UI research, programming, writing, production, and so much more. The program welcomes students of all majors and class years. Careers in Gaming works closely with the University’s Media, Arts, and Design major to prepare students for meaningful employment and graduate school opportunities. Students benefit from the University’s resources and faculty expertise in game design, creative computing, electronic music, machine learning, and much more.

Game Developer

Get Personalized Advising

Careers in Gaming provides personalized advising for anyone looking to explore career paths, identify summer opportunities, and prepare resumes, cover letters and portfolios. Students can make an appointment online through UChicago Handshake.

Gain Hands-On Experience

UChicago’s Jeff Metcalf Internship Program provides 4,500 paid, substantive internships to students each year across a variety of career fields. Careers in Gaming works closely with employers ranging from early-stage startups to multinational gaming giants to create gaming Metcalf internships for students.

Career Treks

Treks give students an opportunity to meet potential employers in cities throughout the U.S. and around the world. Careers in Gaming organizes career treks in major gaming hubs, including an annual entertainment industry trek to Los Angeles and local treks to studios around the Chicago area.Recent treks have taken students to leading organizations including Nexon, Naughty Dog, MobilityWare, Roblox, Iron Galaxy Studios, and more!

UChicago Game Jam

January 12-15 — Registration closes on January 7

All artists, composers, writers, game designers, and programmers are invited to join the UChicago Game Jam! Over the course of a single weekend, teams of students will immerse themselves in the design and development process and create an original, playable game. The Game Jam is judged by industry experts and cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams and 2 honorable mentions. This event is open to undergraduate students of all experience levels!

There will be a networking event on January 22 at 7:00pm where students will showcase their skills and games for the UChicago gaming community and gaming employers! The UChicago Game Jam is presented by the UChicago Game Design RSO and Career Advancement.

Employers and Alumni

Our gaming program could not succeed without the support of alumni and experienced professionals. If you are an employer or gaming professional, consider getting involved in the following ways: taking part in career exploration events or treks, hosting an intern, and donating to the program. If you are interested in any of these options or have ideas of your own, please contact Sophie Wingland at

Media, Arts, and Design Bridge Program

The Bridge Program provides career support for graduating seniors, offering strategic advising and tailored employer events with industry experts. Participating students will work with these experts until securing a summer post-graduate position. Employer partners include prestigious organizations such as the Metropolitan Opera, the Chicago History Museum, the New York Philharmonic, UChicago Press, and The Graham Foundation of Fine Arts, among others. Learn more about the application process here.

Leveraging Your Diverse Experiences for Success

There is a wide range of careers in the gaming industry that you can pursue. While there are more “traditional” roles that necessitate a background in programming or digital design, gaming employers are also seeking employees with a variety of skill sets. Here are some examples of roles:

  • Quality Assurance

  • Game Programming

  • IT Cloud Engineering

  • Animation

  • Graphics Engineering

  • Sound Design

  • Systems Design

  • Technical Art

  • UX Design

  • UX Research

  • Production

  • Digital Marketing

  • Retail Marketing

  • Sales

  • Game Reviewing

  • Gameplay Writing

  • Narrative Design

  • Visual Effects

  • Localisation

  • Communications Management

  • Game Analytics

  • Game Test Analytics

  • UI Design

  • Corporate Legal Counsel

  • Game Testing

  • Advertising

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Customs Compliance

  • Account Management

  • ...and much more!

Learn More & Contact

To learn more about the program, please contact Sophie Wingland at

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