Metcalf Internship Program

UChicago students receive more than 2,000 paid, substantive internships during the summer and academic year through the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program. 

Career Advancement encourages students interested in the program to review the application process. Prospective Metcalf interns are also highly encouraged to meet with an adviser at Career Advancement to discuss their application.

If you're an employer interested in hosting a Metcalf intern, please visit the Metcalf Internship Program page for employers.

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program is supported in part by a grant from the Milgrom Community Service and Innovation Fellowship, an initiative of the University of Chicago funded by the Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization.

Who is Jeff Metcalf?

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program was established in 1997 in honor of Harold “Jeff” Metcalf (AM ’53), who was Dean of Students at the Graduate School of Business from 1956 – 1975 and Director of Athletics from 1976 – 1981. In both of these roles, he was a mentor and friend to students and had a profoundly positive impact on their lives and careers. The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program pays tribute to Jeff’s dedication to helping students both within the University and beyond.

“If it weren’t for Jeff Metcalf, I would not be in the career I am in now. He counseled, advised, arranged for us to make connections and interviews, and generally showed us the way to the wider world. He used his vast contacts as Dean of Students of the Graduate School of Business and later University Athletics Director to impact the career choices of so many of us. Jeff connected me to my first summer internship after sophomore year and completely changed my life.

– Byron D. Trott, AB ’81, MBA ’82 BDT Capital Partners