Interdisciplinary Career Cohorts

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Building on UChicago's interdisciplinary approach, the programs below offer intensive programming that includes professional development workshops, support from industry experts, and funded internship opportunities.

Students apply during the summer before they arrive at UChicago and begin the program during their first year.

Applications will open for Class of 2028 students on May 16 and will be due by July 8, 2024. Interested students can apply using this form.

Computation and Engineering in the Life Sciences (CELLS)

CELLS helps students use the tools of computer science and data analytics to answer big questions in the life sciences. Cohort members receive two years of comprehensive support to help them begin careers in biotech, bioinformatics, neuroscience, pharmacology, and more.

Green Data Program

The Green Data Program is training a new generation of professionals to help leaders in government and the private sector make data-driven decisions on climate, energy, and the environment. With a two-year immersive curriculum, the program prepares students for careers using the power of data science to chart humanity’s path to a sustainable future.

Healthcare Explorers

The Healthcare Explorers program helps first-year students kickstart their career discernment journey in healthcare and other clinical careers such as social work. This one-year program will introduce students to professional development resources and activities they can utilize to pursue careers as successful, compassionate, and dedicated care providers.

Humanities UX

Humanities UX helps you discover careers at the intersection of media, design, and data to create cutting-edge content, shape your narrative, and influence how humans experience the world. This two-year program brings together early-career students focused on combining the robust UChicago Humanities curriculum with cutting-edge technical skill development to shape media design and storytelling, making an impact on industries like film, visual arts, gaming, animation, and more.

Luther H. Foster, Jr. Public Service Internship Program

The Luther H. Foster, Jr. Public Service Internship Program provides career resources, leadership development, and funded internship opportunities for students who are dedicated to promoting the success of underrepresented populations in public interest careers, including government, policy, think tanks, nonprofits, and social service.

The program provides internships and professional development resources for students committed to amplifying these voices in politics and social impact.

Prototype for Success

The Prototype for Success is a selective program for students who are passionate about science, technology, and innovation. By rooting students in the foundations of entrepreneurship and exploring cutting-edge science and engineering, the program empowers students to use their creativity to tap into unprecedented opportunities for research advancements, commercial ventures, and social impact.

Quantum Business, Innovation, and Technology (QUBIT)

Quantum Business, Innovation, and Technology (QUBIT), is a two-year preprofessional program that provides professional development programming, community engagement, and funded research and internship opportunities to help students launch successful careers in quantum computing, engineering, R&D, and more.

Trott Emerging Business Leaders Program

The Trott Emerging Business Leaders Program invites applications from incoming students from middle and low-income families, first-generation students, students from rural areas, and students of all backgrounds who are engaged in Black/African American or Hispanic/Latinx communities. The program offers a series of career exploration events and internships to help students get on the fast track to success in business. The program is funded by generous gifts from Trott Family Philanthropies and BDT & MSD Partners.