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Early Recruiting Success Guide

Put Your Best Foot Forward for Fall Recruiting

Be Early

The early bird gets the worm!


  • Accelerate your success: starting in August will give you two full months to apply for jobs and internships before Autumn Quarter classes begin.
  • Move to the front of the line: applying for opportunities early is a great way to show employers how proactive and enthusiastic you are.
  • More time, more opportunities: beginning your job search early will give you more options to consider and help you find a position that matches best with your interests, skills, and values.

Be Prepared

Be ready for action when you see your dream job posted!


  • Tune up your resume: get personalized support from a career adviser with adding your summer internship to your resume and customizing it for your target employers.
  • Ace the interview: sign up for a practice interview so that you knock the real one out of the park! You can also take advantage of Big Interview for on-demand virtual practice interviews.
  • Build your knowledge, grow your network: attend virtual networking events to learn more about your field of interest and potential employers; opportunities include employer information sessions and “Industry Immersion” online summer events.

Be Done

Because you'll enjoy your senior year much more with a job offer in hand!