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Student Information & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will cover the cost of housing and transportation to and from any job shadowing site?

Students are responsible for funding housing costs and transportation costs to the job shadowing site. Students should only apply for job shadowing opportunities that they will be able to complete.


If you are concerned about travel costs, keep in mind that there are several job shadowing opportunities available in Chicago. A limited amount of University housing may be available during Winter and Spring Break. Please contact College Housing for additional information on how you can make this arrangement. 


When possible, applying for job shadowing opportunities close to your home city can also help with travel and housing costs.

Will I be able to put the job shadowing experience on my resume?

Yes, you will! Please see a Career Advancement adviser to discuss how you can add your job shadowing experience to your resume.

I don’t have any experience in my field of interest. Can I still get a job shadowing opportunity?

That’s no problem! To apply for a job shadowing opportunity, you only need to show sincere interest in the possibility of a career in the field.

If I receive a winter job shadowing opportunity, can I also apply for them in the spring?

Yes, students who are selected for winter job shadowing opportunities are also eligible for those in the spring.

May I decline the job shadowing opportunity I am offered?

Yes. However, you will only be offered one job shadowing opportunity, so declining this opportunity is also declining to participate in the program.

What If I've already made travel plans?

If you have already made travel plans or have to make travel plans prior to hearing back about your placement, please contact so that we are aware of any location restrictions.